Welcome to FAIRLADY’s HOT midlife melt-off!

Shedding those extra kilos you somehow picked up around midlife can be challenging and frustrating. We’ve been there! We understand! That’s why we’ve developed a six-week eating plan especially for menopausal women (and by that, we also mean peri and post).

Ready to take control of your midlife weight gain?

The extra weight that mysteriously appeared during menopause is extremely difficult to shed, because you’re going through hormonal changes along with increased stress levels, disrupted sleep and the natural aging process. All of these are guaranteed to disrupt weight loss.  

The FAIRLADY HOT midlife melt-off plan explains exactly what to eat,  when. You’ll lose weight – and keep it off!

It’s for you if

  • You’re a woman over 40
  • You’re struggling to lose weight
  • You’re either in perimenopause, menopause or postmenopause
  • You want to improve your overall health
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