The FAIRLADY HOT Midlife Melt-Off is a low-carb meal plan specifically designed for women in menopause. You’ll select one of two plans, depending on your height: less than 165cm, or 165cm or taller – be sure to select the right option.

In the first two weeks, you’ll eat three meals a day.

After that, we’ll include an intermittent fast (IF). The benefits of IF are enormous, not only for weight loss, but also your health. Plus, it’s way easier than you imagine! In this phase, you’ll have two meals a day, and an optional snack if you’re about to eat your desk (you won’t be).  

Your daily plan will meet a specific macronutrient (protein, carbs and fats) goal for each day. Simply follow our recipes; or, if you want more flexibility, our guide will tell you exactly how many protein, vegetable, dairy, fruit or healthy fat servings to have each meal. 


  • Each week you’ll get an easy-to-read article packed with info and insights on menopause and what it’s doing to your body. Among other HOT topics, we’ll look at why you’re putting on weight, how to drop it, and how to keep it that way.  
  • Expert advice: Our expert dietician, Bridget Surtees, will offer evidence-based advice on maintaining strong bones, your gut health, and the supplements you’ll need along the way.
  • A specially designed weekly meal plan loaded with delicious and nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare and super satisfying to eat.
  • A weekly shopping list, to make things even easier (simply photograph/screenshot it and keep it on your phone. It will make shopping a cinch!)

In just six weeks, you’ll not only be slimmer and healthier, you’ll also know exactly how to maintain this flash new you.